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We have one PhD student position open in our lab for a January 2023 start date. The research will involve both animal (poultry) trials and computational/bioinformatics approaches. Students with a background in poultry nutrition and health, and bioinformatics are encouraged to apply. 


Project description

The ban and limitation in the use of antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) in poultry has resulted in the re-emergence of enteric diseases such as necrotic enteritis (NE). In AGP free production, the global poultry industry loses USD $2-$6 billion annually because of NE, mainly due to mortality and loss of performance. The PhD project will utilize the two forms of NE, namely clinical and subclinical to conduct their research. Although C. perfringens is the main causative agent of NE, various predisposing factors including diet (e.g. excess protein and particle size), Eimeria infection, and immunosuppressive bacterial and viral infections play a major role in the development of NE in chickens. The candidate will have an opportunity to study NE using the main causative agent and the different predisposing factors.

This PhD project will utilise a range of next-generation sequencing techniques, which includes RNA-Seq, metabolomics and microbiome analysis. The student will gain experience in in vivo, in vitro, and ex vivo experimental approaches, molecular biology, bioinformatics, and immunology.

The PhD student will be involved in experimental design, daily operation and data collection, project coordination and communication with collaborators and students. The student will also be expected to prepare research reports, present results at conferences, and manuscripts for publication.

Stipend and tuition

A three-year competitive stipend is available to aid in the completion of the Ph.D. program. 


  • Closing Date: Until position is successfully filled. 

  • How to Apply: General and department specific admission requirements can be found at:


           - A cover letter stating how your background and qualifications match the position requirements

           - A full curriculum vitae (CV) detailing your education, publications, skills, and research experience

           - A contact information for at the least three references.

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